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Wheel Alignment Service in San Jose, CA

Wheel Alignment Service in San Jose, CA

Wheel Alignment Service at Premier Nissan of San Jose

You have a lot riding on your tires, and they wear out much faster if your wheels are not properly aligned. Poor wheel alignment contributes to many vehicle problems beyond premature tread wear. It can also impact control of your vehicle due to steering and suspension issues. Problems with your tires can reduce your miles per gallon (MPG) and overall drivability of your vehicle. If you live in or around Sunnyvale, Newark, or Mountain ViewPremier Nissan of San Jose wants to serve you with great service to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Wheel Alignment Service in San Jose, CA

When you get a wheel alignment done, the process involves adjusting the angles of your vehicle’s suspension and steering components back to the original configuration. Meaning, the front and rear wheels are brought back into alignment with your vehicle’s center. This optimizes fuel efficiency and drivability. When you get an alignment done, a special machine is used. This machine measures the angles of the wheels against your vehicle’s initial specifications. The tech makes adjustments to these components to get your vehicle back in proper alignment.

Is a Wheel Alignment Necessary?

Alignment service should be done twice a year at least as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance and service schedule. Misaligned tire and wheel assemblies impact your fuel efficiency, reduce the life of your tires, and impair the drivability of your car, truck, or SUV. When properly aligned, your wheels will all have the proper contact with the road surface, and the wear on your tread is equal and you won’t need to replace any tires sooner than normal.

What Can Misalign My Tires?

Many things can throw your wheels out of alignment, whether it is from dirt roads, potholes, bumpy highways, speed bumps, hitting curbs, or any other obstacles that can inflict damage to your tire and wheel assemblies. Other problems occur over time that can misalign your wheels just due to normal wear and tear.  How do you know if your wheels are out of alignment? Here are some questions to ask yourself on your next drive.

  • Does the vehicle pull to one side or another?
  • Does your steering wheel look as if it is turned slightly one way or the other when you drive straight?
  • When coming out of a turn, does the steering wheel return to the center easily? Or does it require extra effort on your part to get the steering wheel to return to the center after making a turn?
  • Do you have to make little steering corrections constantly when you drive on a highway or freeway?
  • Is the tread on the tires wearing unevenly on the inside or outside on one or more tires?

If you said yes to any of these things, your vehicle may need an alignment. Have your alignment checked twice a year just to eliminate concerns.

If you think you need an alignment, you can schedule an alignment service with our service center at Premier Nissan of San Jose. Contact us today for any of your maintenance needs, and be sure to check for service specials if you have a specific need for service.