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Safety Shield 360 at Premier Nissan of San Jose

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Safety Shield 360

Safety Shield 360

Safety Shield 360 is a comprehensive system that looks in front, behind, and beside the vehicle while it drives, using cameras, radar technology, and sonar. This set of six innovative Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies keeps an eye on the car and can intervene if necessary to keep you and your passengers safe. Whether you live in Fremont, Milpitas, or Mountain View, being connected has never been easier with NissanConnect. Visit Premier Nissan of San Jose to learn more about how it works and what this incredible technology has to offer.

Blind-Spot Warning System

When the system detects a vehicle approaching the rear of the driver's vehicle in an adjacent lane, a common blind spot location, it alerts the driver with an indication. In this circumstance, if the driver activates the turn signal, the system emits a chime, and the indicator light flashes constantly to help the driver in avoiding a collision. The technology detects vehicles in neighboring detection zones using radar sensors mounted on the sides of the rear bumper. A rear-mounted camera is used in some models to detect vehicles in adjacent detection zones.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Radar sensors are mounted at the back bumper on both sides of the car to help identify vehicles approaching from either the left or right side. When there is a risk of an accident with a vehicle crossing into the reversing vehicle's rearward path, this technology alerts the driver with an auditory alert. When the car is reversing and radar sensors identify an oncoming vehicle from the left or right, the system sounds an audio warning and flashes an indication on the same side of the approaching vehicle's door mirror.

High Beam Assist

When it senses a vehicle ahead, this technology automatically adjusts the headlights to low beam from high beam. This allows for the early identification of vehicles and pedestrians, resulting in safer driving. Oncoming and leading vehicles' lights are detected by a front-mounted camera in the upper portion of the windscreen. The device will automatically switch the headlight setting from high to low beam based on light level monitoring. When the traffic conditions are clear, the system will automatically turn the headlights back to high beam. Turn the headlight switch to AUTO and then press the headlight lever forward to activate High Beam Assist. A High Beam Assist indication light will illuminate in the instrument gauge cluster.

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

The driver will receive visible and auditory warnings, as well as light, automatic braking if the system detects a risk of colliding with a vehicle or pedestrian in front of the car. This is meant to catch the driver's attention and motivate them to take action in order to avoid a collision. If the driver fails to decelerate and the risk of an accident increases, the system will activate emergency braking just before the collision. This will assist in preventing or lessening the harm caused by the accident.

Interested in learning more about what this cutting-edge technology has to offer? For more information, visit Premier Nissan in San Jose, CA today.