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To ensure the performance and reliability you depend on everyday, routine maintenance is essential. schedule your vehicle maintenance online at anytime. Choose a service department you trust. Be sure your vehicle history records are accurately maintained. This will help if you ever have a question about when a repair was made, what repairs were made, what parts were ordered, how much you paid, or when a service occurred. Having a detailed service history can also help when the time comes to sell or trade-in your vehicle. An automobile is an investment. Protect your investment by regularly servicing your vehicle and avoiding potentially costly repairs down the line due to neglect.


When you buy a car, it immediately depreciates as soon as you drive off the lot. Should an accident or some other unforeseen event such as fire, theft or natural disaster occur during the time, you own the vehicle your insurance company might only pay you the current cash value of your vehicle. This will likely be less than what you paid for your new car. If you are financing your vehicle the amount paid out by the insurance company likely and won't cover the amount you still owe the finance company. Protect yourself from this incomplete coverage with Guaranteed Accident Protection, so you are sure to be made whole again.


Harsh weather, spilled food, birds and insects can all combine to damage the exterior paint or interior surfaces of your vehicle. By applying LuxCareXT to your car, truck, or SUV before washing it, you help guard against paint fading caused by sun damage, foul weather, road salt, acid rain, bird droppings, and abrasive contact. Maintain your wheels from dust staining and prevent and repair the dulling of headlight lenses. LuxCareXT is also designed for your vehicle's interior. Protect carpet, leather, vinyl, and cloth surfaces from spills, crayons, food, ink, makeup, and odors induced by mold and mildew. Your car is an investment. Protect your investment and keep it looking like new with LuxCareXT and other LuxCare accessories.


Routine maintenance is a necessary part of owning any vehicle. Larger repairs often happen at some point as well. Particularly as your vehicle ages. Repairs can be complex and costly. If your warranty has expired or is about to, these financial burdens can hit hard and can come out of nowhere. Thankfully, drivers can protect themselves with the Mechanic Vehicle Services Contract. With four tiers of coverage, you can protect yourself from costly repairs involving your automobile's engine, transmission, air conditioning, and ABS brakes. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car is protected and you won't have to endure a financial hit or potentially take on debt to keep your car on the road. The Mechanic Vehicle Services Contract includes 24/7 roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. Don't be stranded on the side of the road without this affordable protection. Contact us about finding the policy that is right for you and your vehicle today.


When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you never know if the previous owner loved your car as much as you do. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you buy a vehicle that has endured a thorough muti-point inspection for reliability, safety, dependability, and performance. A QCertified designation means your next car meets or exceeds a rigorous standard for quality. This review of your vehicle's major systems, engine, transmission, air conditioning and ABS is performed by a QCertified trained technician who will scrutinize these major systems. The bar is set high. Make sure your car clears it. When you shop QCertified, you also enjoy a one-year limited powertrain warranty, roadside assistance plan, emergency travel reimbursement, and tire hazard protection. A pre-owned inspection report is also included. This report documents the status and condition of the title, registration and notes any history of salvage or auction situation and the prior accident history if one exists. Protect yourself and your vehicle. Take home a pre-owned vehicle that is not just certified -- it's QCertified.


There are times when major and minor bodywork is needed, but there are also those times when only a cosmetic touch-up is required. Protect your investment with three coverages in one program gives you greater coverage for less. With ThreeForOne coverage, you can cover damage to your tires and wheels from potholes, damage to your paint and windshield from stone chips, parking lot door dings, errant shopping carts and paintless dent repair designed to protect your vehicle's factory finish and clearcoat. This insurance policy has no deductible and repairs are fast and easy. Keep your car looking like the day you drove it off the lot and maintain a safe driving condition. There's no predicting the road ahead. Protect yourself from day-to-day damage your vehicle might endure. Speak with our staff about covering yourself with ThreeForOne protection.