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What is CARFAX?


What Is a CARFAX History Report at Premier Nissan of San Jose

Buying a vehicle can be stressful, especially since it’s such a big purchase. When you want to make sure you’re making a sound investment, you’re going to want to put in the research. CARFAX offers you an easy way to check a model’s history and is both quick and convenient. When you want to find your next vehicle near San Jose, Fremont, or Milpitas, there’s no better place than Premier Nissan of San Jose.

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The Importance of Research

When you’re looking into a new model, research goes a long way. If you’re wondering where you should start, you’re going to want to look into:

  • Consumer Reports: This information might be slightly less reliable, but you’ll be able to see what actual owners thought of the model. You’ll be able to find everything from blogs to videos online, and these reviews may point you toward specific issues.
  • Critic Reviews: It’s important to remember that it’s a critic’s job to criticize, so they might get fairly picky when it comes to the problems they point out. Still, this will give you an expansive view of the model itself, and you may be able to find information that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

Your Report

When you want to make sure that a model meets your standards, there’s no better way than checking through a CARFAX report. This program will quickly run through online databases so that it can provide you with information like:

  • Service, Inspection, and Registration History
  • Recall Information
  • Last Reported Mileage
  • Flood, Frame, and Hail Damage
  • Warranty Information
  • Salvaged, Junked, Rebuilt, or a Total Loss
  • Length of Ownership
  • Last Reported Mileage
  • Multiple Owners
  • Major Accidents
  • Lease, Personal, or Taxi Use
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Estimated Miles Driven Per Year

When you know more about the vehicle itself, you’ll be able to better decide whether or not it’s the right fit for you. This program is especially useful when buying used models, as you’ll be able to see an extensive history that covers everything from repairs to the last reported mileage.

Passing the Test

Once a model has passed the test, you’re going to want to decide whether or not you want to finance your model or lease it. Both have their advantages, with distinct benefits including:

  • Finance Your Model: When you finance a model, you own it at the end of your payments. Once your payments are through, you’ll be able to enjoy a model free of monthly car payments, which can help you save in the long term. If you have a budding driver in the family, this also ensures that you’ll have a vehicle to hand over when it comes time for them to take the wheel.
  • Leasing Your Model: For those who frequently want to switch what they drive, this is an excellent option. When you lease a model, it’s essentially a rental agreement, as the dealership will still own it. Once your lease is through, however, you’ll be able to adopt another lease on a brand-new model if you choose. This allows you to always drive the newest vehicles on the market.


When you’ve researched your model, you can begin the financing possess by getting pre-qualified online before your visit to Premier Nissan of San Jose.