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Nissan Moves Toward Electric

Discover Nissan Electrification with Premier Nissan of San Jose

With the move towards electric vehicles, Nissan is paving the way with models that are fun to drive and own because they’re efficient and good for the environment. From the LEAF to an EV race car, Nissan continues its innovation in electric vehicles.

Nissan’s Electric Vehicles

EV models from Nissan provide power to the motor through the electricity generated from rechargeable batteries. These high-voltage batteries convert the energy into usable power that moves the wheels and the rest of the vehicle.

You simply plug in your EV model at home to recharge or while on the go at a public charging station. The energy lasts longer with regenerative braking that is stored in the battery for later use.

Nissan’s Electric Models of Today

The first mass-produced EV Nissan was the Nissan LEAF. Since it first debuted, this sedan has garnered a lot of attention. It continues to be popular for its stylish design and practical amenities while offering a bit of luxury. You can easily bypass the gas stations in Mountain View, Milpitas, and San Jose as you drive the LEAF. Bring along everything you need with ample cargo space while comfortable seating and the latest in technology keep passengers content.

The Nissan ARIYA is next on the list of EV vehicles from the manufacturer. This SUV is ideal for families, commuters, or anyone who just wants a little more room. With e-4ORCE all-wheel drive, you can feel more confident in all kinds of road situations. Multiple trims make it easy to personalize the SUV to what you need. For instance, the ARIYA Venture+ takes you further with an extended range of up to 304 miles. Get a little more luxury with ARIYA Platinum+, which features Nappa leather seats and a hands-free power liftgate.

Reasons to Choose Electric

The appeal of electric vehicles for transportation is that it lowers fuel costs and helps the environment with zero emissions. Modern EV models even offer comparable performance and luxury with sleek style and amenities to enhance your driving experience. When it comes to power, there’s no delay with 100 percent torque for immediate acceleration. There is also no engine to make noise, which provides for a quieter ride.

Electric models take less maintenance. You don’t have to worry about oil changes, replacing spark plugs, or dealing with coolant issues. Fewer belts and hoses mean fewer repairs. Even the brakes last longer because the motor helps the vehicle slow down.

A Thrilling Ride

Nissan is at the forefront of EV racing as the only Japanese manufacturer to compete in the Formula E series. These models prove that electric cars can be built for speed and provide a thrilling ride.

If you’re ready to check out EV models for your next vehicle, visit Premier Nissan of San Jose. Stop by and see the Nissan LEAF. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about electric vehicles and assist you in deciding which Nissan model is right for you. Visit us today!