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Spark Plug Replacement Near San Jose, CA
Spark Plug Replacement Near San Jose, CA

Spark Plug Service and Replacement at Premier Nissan of San Jose

Gas can get expensive, so it’s important to make sure that your engine is functioning optimally and efficiently. When you find that your spark plugs begin to become worn, you may see an immediate hit to your fuel mileage and at the very worst, you may find that your engine misfires or fails to start entirely. When you’re looking for a quick repair around Mountain View, San Jose, or Sunnyvale, you’re going to want to stop by Premier Nissan of San Jose so that you can be seen by our talented mechanics. Here, your issues will be taken seriously and you’ll be immediately notified if any other issues are encountered during your repair.

What is a Spark Plug?

Your engine relies on a combustion cycle where gasoline and air are ignited at just the right time in order to get you moving. This is the job of your spark plug, which sends a jolt of high voltage electricity with help from your ignition coils. When things are going optimally, this allows you to get the best performance possible. This sounds simple at first, but it’s happening at blinding speeds within the cylinders of your engine, and as a result, the electrode of your spark plugs will become worn over time and eventually may begin to fail you. Engines will have one spark plug per cylinder, so you may have more or less depending on your model. Your owner’s manual will give you a guide for when you should replace them, but you may need to be seen sooner depending on their condition.

Signs of Failure

When your spark plugs begin to have trouble, you’ll notice an immediate dip in performance. You may find that you just don’t have as much power as you’re used to, or you’re not able to get as much gas mileage as normal. You also may find that your car has a rough idle accompanied by vibrations. If the problem continues, you may find that your engine even misfires when you attempt to start it, and at the worst, your engine may not start at all. If you’re having one or more of these issues, it’s worth getting your vehicle seen so that your car doesn’t mysteriously break down when you find yourself on a long trip away from home.

A Comprehensive Service

If your spark plugs continue to be driven when they’re damaged, you’re going to run into much bigger issues down the line. Misfires can damage the internals of your engine and in some cases can even cause your catalytic converter to overheat. When you get your spark plugs replaced, it’s likely that they’ll be replaced in sets so that you won’t have to worry about the issue again for quite a long time. Here, our talented mechanics will easily match you with the correct parts while also checking for any other underlying issues. By examining your old spark plugs, other problems in your engine can potentially be diagnosed, allowing you to take care of them before they become a problem later down the line.

For a comprehensive service that will get you back on the road, you’re going to want to visit Premier Nissan of San Jose or schedule a service online.