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A/C Service And Repair at Premier Nissan Of San Jose

California residents in the Milpitas and Mountain View communities know that at some point, they are going to depend on their car’s air conditioner to get them through some uncomfortably hot days. And when that warm weather rolls into town, there is nothing worse than discovering that your vehicle’s A/C is not working correctly. We have all seen the people who look drained as they sit in traffic with the windows down and sweat dripping because their A/C is broken. But you can avoid that drive of shame and discomfort with a proactive visit to Premier Nissan of San Jose for A/C service.

Hints Of a Coming A/C Failure

If you are like most drivers, you get into a hot car and flip on the A/C without even thinking about it. Ideally, you are basking in cool air in just moments. Or at least you are a bit more comfortable very soon. However, you are not really aware of how long it takes for the car to cool to a comfortable temperature. And unfortunately, you could be missing one of the significant hints that your air conditioner is having difficulty. Some of the most common signs of an A/C issue can be:

     • Little Airflow – It can be challenging to determine how much cool air is circulating in your vehicle when you are hot. You aim the vent at your face and hope to cool off quickly. In reality, you are grateful for any cool air, so the amount of airflow can decrease without grabbing your attention. But sadly, a drop in the airflow hints of a blockage in the air conditioner or that the blower motor is having trouble. But both mean that you need to visit Premier Nissan of San Jose for help from our service department.

     • Warm Air – Warm air or only slightly cool air coming from your air conditioner vents is annoying. But it is also a sign that there is a problem with your A/C system. If the vehicle is older, the issue could be as simple as refrigerant that needs to be replaced. If the car is newer, the problem could be related to a leak that has allowed the refrigerant to leak out of the system. But you will be happy to know that the automotive experts at Premier Nissan of San Jose are here to fix both of them and any other A/C issues you might encounter.

     • An Unpleasant Odor – If you find that the cool air blowing into your vehicle is the ideal temperature but has an odd or foul odor, never try to convince yourself that it is normal. Cooled air should feel and smell refreshing. If there is a musty odor, the issue is often mold or mildew in the filter or ducts that must be eliminated to protect your health. It is also vital to locate the moisture source and eliminate it to protect your A/C system. Trust the team at Premier Nissan of San Jose to identify and eliminate any contamination and issue in your vehicle’s air conditioner.

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