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Alternator Service in San Jose, CA

Alternator Replacement in San Jose, CA

Alternator Service at Premier Nissan of San Jose

You probably don’t think about your alternator or the starter until your vehicle fails to start. The starter depends on the charge from the battery to ignite it while the alternator needs the starter. The battery also depends on the alternator to keep its charge. The service team at Premier Nissan of San Jose can help you keep your vehicle starting and running with our full-service department for drivers in Newark, Fremont, and San Jose.

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Alternator Replacement Service for Your Vehicle in San Jose, CA

If your starter system fails to work, the service team with Premier Nissan of San Jose can help you fix the problem. We start by testing your battery. If it’s at the end of its life, we’ll replace it and see if that takes care of the issue. If the battery tests out okay, we’ll look at other components, such as the alternator, starter, and drive belts. We’ll provide a written estimate for any repairs that we recommend.

The job of the alternator is to supply your accessories and lights with enough voltage to keep working. It also keeps the battery charged.

Signs of Alternator Failure

Your alternator may show signs of failure before it stops working completely. Here are some indications to pay attention to:

  • Dashboard light stays lit: Your battery light or other indicator light stays lit on your dash after turning the engine on.
  • Lights dim: Your interior or headlights may dim or become weak but brighten again when you increase the RPMs.
  • Other system malfunctions: Other systems in your vehicle may fail when the alternator stops providing power.
  • Unusual noises: You may hear a squealing sound, which could indicate damage to the belt or pulley on the alternator. A grinding sound implies that there’s a problem with the bearings in the alternator.
  • Battery that won’t stay charged: If you have a new battery and it won’t stay charged, it many mean that the alternator is failing to recharge it.
  • Burning smell: This type of smell indicates that a belt is damaged.

Trust Exceptional Service with Premier Nissan of San Jose

You can count on the service team at Premier Nissan of San Jose to diagnose your issue and get it repaired. Our service technicians have been trained in the newest technology and systems. We use genuine OEM parts for a fast and accurate repair that will last for many years.

You can relax in our contemporary waiting area with access to Wi-Fi and free coffee. If you don’t have time to wait, our shuttle service can take you home or to your job until we call you and let you know your vehicle has been repaired. You can trust that we’ll get the job done right the first time.

Schedule service online or give us a call to set up an appointment. Don’t forget to check out our service specials.

Let Premier Nissan of San Jose get your vehicle back on the road again with superior alternator service from our experienced technicians.