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Suspension Service Near San Jose, CA
Suspension Service Near San Jose, CA

Suspension Service at Premier Nissan of San Jose

Your vehicle’s suspension is an important part of a comfortable, safe ride. While this system is usually low maintenance, you don’t want to neglect it when it shows signs of wear. You can get your suspension system serviced at Premier Nissan of San Jose.

How to Tell When to Get Your Suspension Serviced

You can prevent major repairs to your suspension system when you notice that a problem exists early on. Our service technicians can inspect your suspension anytime you bring in your Nissan car, truck, or SUV. However, you can also pay attention and know when it is time for a service appointment for your suspension system.

Braking Issues

If you know your brakes are in excellent shape and you have trouble stopping, it could be a sign of suspension issues. Problems with accelerating and stopping are indicators of a possible problem and should be checked out.

Strange Noises

When your vehicle hits a pothole or bump in the road, you may hear creaking, squeaking or some other strange sound coming from the back or underneath. Your suspension is designed to absorb shocks when traveling over uneven terrain, and when it fails to do so, it often makes unusual and annoying sounds. You should get it looked at right away.

More Bounce

As you’re driving along, you may notice that your vehicle feels like it is bouncing up and down. What this means is your struts aren’t doing their job to maintain the stability of the vehicle. It may also sway to the side as you travel, which is another indicator that it’s time for maintenance of your suspension system.

Notice how your vehicle behaves when you speed up. If the rear drags as you press down on the accelerator, this is another sign. If your car does a nosedive when you hit the brakes, you’ve surely got a suspension problem.

Look at your vehicle as well. One end or one side may be lower than the other. You may see oil or grease leaking from the struts or shocks. The tires may also have a cupping tread, which is just one more way you can tell when it is time for service.

Dangers of Suspension Issues

When your suspension needs repair, it will often provide a rough ride. However, it can also be dangerous because you take longer to stop when braking or you may be at an increased risk for rollover.

Don’t forget to look at other systems that work with your suspension to make sure they are in optimal working order. This includes your steering and the tires and wheels. All of these systems work together to provide stability and comfort, and they require periodic maintenance to keep them in good condition.

Schedule an appointment online or give our service department a call for suspension service for your Nissan. Let Premier Nissan of San Jose help you enjoy a safe, comfortable, and efficient ride.