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Commercial Vehicles

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Welcome to Premier Nissan Of San Jose, located at 1120 Capitol Expy Auto Mall, in San Jose, California 95136.

Thank you for visiting our Nissan Commercial Vehicles website. After 75 years of driving business worldwide, Nissan Commercial Vehicles have now arrived in North America. At Premier Nissan Of San Jose in San Jose, California, we are pleased to bring these exciting vehicles to business owners in our local community.

At this website, you will find everything you need to know about our dealership and our commercial vehicles: from New Nissan prices and specs to current offers and incentives; from online finance applications to an online service scheduler. At Premier Nissan Of San Jose, we are your one-stop-shop for all-things relating to Nissan commercial vans and trucks. Click around to learn more.

Nissan Commercial Vans & Trucks: NV, Frontier, Titan

The All-New Nissan NV is a truly revolutionary vehicle, designed with your business in mind. You can expect our commercial vehicles to come with the same unsurpassed Nissan quality, dependability, and customer-centric innovation that you have come to know in our consumer vehicles. The award-winning Frontier and Titan trucks have also been added to the Nissan Commercial Vehicles line-up.

Whether you need one commercial van or truck for a sole proprietorship small business or a fleet of vans and trucks for a large corporation, you will find Nissan Commercial Vehicles to be the right choice for your business.



Keywords that may apply to YOU (the NV cargo driver):

  • Entrepreneur
  • Owner
  • Operator
  • Constructor
  • Contractor
  • Installer
  • Caterer
  • Plumber
  • Landscaper
  • Business Fleet Manager
  • Family Business Owner
  • The NISSAN-driving local business owner that makes local FORD-driving, CHEVY-driving, and DODGE-driving business owners eNVious.
  • The ''smart'' business owner wrapped in the ''awesome van'' with all kinds of innovative good stuff already built-in.

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*Claim based on years/mileage (whichever occurs first) covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty basic coverage. Ward’s in-market Large Pickup Segmentation and Small Pickup Segmentation v. 2020 TITAN and TITAN XD and Wards Light Vehicle Segmentation: 2020 Nissan NV Cargo, NV Passenger v. in-market Large Van Class; 2020 Nissan NV200® v. in-market Small Van Class. Commercial Vans compared only. Nissan’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty basic coverage excludes tires, corrosion coverage and federal and California emission performance and defect coverage. Other terms and conditions apply. See Dealer for complete warranty details. NV200® Taxi is covered under a separate limited warranty with a different level of coverage.